Captain Kevin Martin

I have been fishing out of Freeport / Surfside Beach since 1975 when my parents retired and moved here from Dallas. I'm sure glad they picked Surfside. This place was as special to them then as it is to us now. They have both since passed away, but their love for the Village of Surfside, the people and the ocean lives on in us. I moved here permanently in 2001 and started fishing as a guide in 2002. I can guarantee I will do everything I can to put you on as much action as possible.

So let's go fishing and it might be your lucky day!!

Captain Zechariah Turk

I was born to a family along the gulf coast whose tradition of fishing runs back too many generations to count. Eyewitness testimony claims I was casting a fishing pole before I was walking and it wasn’t long before I was water bound. I’ve dedicated my life to the ocean and its resources, working as a biologist and educator of aquatic science. My love for fishing and the outdoors fuels a fire that makes me strive to make trips as fun and entertaining as possible. Each trip is unique, and each party deserves to have the trip of a lifetime. It’s my goal to give you the trip of a lifetime, and in the process make some incredible memories.

Adventure awaits!

Deckhand Robert Goldberg

The rhythm of the waves, the call of the seagulls, the first cast into the water, the surprise of the bite that takes the bait, all sounds that get my blood pumping knowing it’s going to be a good day out on the water! Ever since I could remember, when my Dad started taking me fishing, I knew I was going to be hooked. The fellowship with family and friends, sharing of stories and fishing skills, is what it’s all about. The fish may be elusive, but the memories are everlasting! Come join our fishing family for a great time and memories you will cherish!

Robert Goldberg