Captain Kevin Martin

I have been fishing out of Freeport / Surfside Beach since 1975 when my parents retired and moved here from Dallas. I'm sure glad they picked Surfside. This place was as special to them then as it is to us now. They have both since passed away, but their love for the Village of Surfside, the people and the ocean lives on in us. I moved here permanently in 2001 and started fishing as a guide in 2002. I can guarantee I will do everything I can to put you on as much action as possible.

So let's go fishing and it might be your lucky day!!

Captains Log
I'm ready for summer to get here and that gentle south wind to start blowing. It's been a long winter as are most down here and I'm ready to get started fishing again. I believe this year will bring some exceptional fish and many unforgettable trips. Book yours today.
Captain Kevin Martin

Captain Johnny Welch

We are so happy to welcome Captain Johnny back. Some of you may remember Captain Johnny as a deck hand and Captain for Surfside Beach Charters in years past. Captain Johnny has been a crew boat Captain for the past nine years. As a crew boat Captain, Johnny spends months away at sea, and as you can imagine, becomes weary from being away from home, family and friends. Captain Johnny has recently become a new father and Johnny's passion for fishing and desire to be closer to family has brought him home. We are very pleased and fortunate to have him on board as the Captain of the Century boat "Live Action". Trust Captain Johnny's expertise, enthusiasm and passion for fishing to provide you with a safe, fun and memorable fishing experience.